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Class Descriptions

Fall classes begin Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 5.
Stay tuned for our fall schedule.

Private Piano Lessons, beginner level (6.5 years through adults)

30 minutes weekly

Piano lessons offer so many benefits regardless of age, and music is a skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Students will develop the ability to read and write music, to sight-read, and to be able to play by ear--in other words, to become musically literate--at a level appropriate to their development. Just as we first learn language by hearing and listening the sounds of the spoken word, our approach to piano begins with listening and replicating simple patterns and songs, and as the semester progresses and the fundamentals become internalized, we add the written language. Students soon begin to compose and sight-read, too!

Students are asked to commit to 10 lessons at a time. For school-aged kids, parents are an integral part of the student's success, but don't worry -- we will visit at the end of each lesson so you can see what kinds of new musical ground we are covering. You will both be learning :-) This is important because the younger the child, the more help they may need from you during at-home practice -- a great chance to do something special and give your kiddo one-on-one focus!

Tuition:$180 per 10 lessons